Double Trouble
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Vultures and Vote Rustlers
Palast Investigates Vol. 2

Get a 2 signed copies of Greg Palast's brand new DVD featuring updates of his hottest documentary reports for BBC and Democracy Now!

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Watch 70 minutes of hard-hitting investigations by Palast at his best.

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The inside story of ...

- Mitt Romney's Auto Bailout Bonanza. Tracking down the billionaires behind Chris Christie.
- Black-Out 2012 - Busting the attempt to block the black vote in Ohio.
- Vulture Hunt: From Bosnia to the Congo to Brooklyn, hunting financial predators.
- The Generalissimo of Globalization
(exposing the Larry Summers "End-Game" Memo)
- Goldman Sachs' sneak attack on Occupy Wall Street
- The Deepwater Horizon Disaster - The hidden story never reported in the USA.

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