Palast Gift Pack
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Get the fully signed Palast Gift pack.

Items included are:
- Palast Investigates Vol.2 - Vultures and Vote Rustlers Palast's brand new DVD featuring the updates of his hottest documentary reports for BBC and Democracy Now!
- Why We Occupy DVD - Greg Palast LIVE from the Vultures' Picnic speaking tour
- Palast Investigates Vol. 1 - From 8-Mile to the Amazon
- The Election Files DVD
- The Assassination of Hugo Chavez DVD
- The Big Easy Big Empty DVD - The true story of the drowning of New Orleans
- Bush Family Fortunes DVD. Palast's now classic BBC Television documentary

- Billionaires & Ballot Bandits - Palast's latest New Times Bestseller
- Vultures' Picnic in the paperback edition
- Armed Madhouse in the hardbound edition
- The Best Democracy Money Can Buy paperback

Steal Back Your Vote - the essential voting guide Comic Book written by Greg Palast and co-authored by Robert Kennedy Jr., and the classic, fun, investigative Tarot-size deck of Cards Joker's Wild.

If you are spreading these gifts around friends and loved ones please let us know who you want Palast to dedicate them to. Example: Please sign book for Robert. Sign The Election Files DVD for Susan etc.

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All donations are tax-deductible.