Why We Occupy - Palast Live! - DVD
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Get the DVD of Greg Palast LIVE from the Vultures' Picnic speaking tour. Undercover at the Vultures' Picnic, Greg Palast rips the sheets off the One Percent.

Palast shows you the documents marked "secret" and "confidential" from the files of Chevron, Goldman Sachs, Koch Industries, the IMF, WTO, bribers and billionaires.

Also available as a download film or a download audio

"A cross between Sam Spade and Sherlock Holmes," says Jim Hightower, Palast lays out the sick, sordid, sickening, shocking, stunning and weirdly funny no-BS tales of billionaires gone wild from the famed reporter's investigations across the globe for BBC TV & Democracy Now!

DVD extras include:
- all of the Vultures' Picnic videos from the enhanced e-book edition
- secret documents
- Comedian Lee Camp's Moment of Clarity on vulture speculators inspired by the book

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