The Joker's Wild:
Dubya's Trick Deck

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For a donation of $25 or more get a personally signed deck of these classic big tarot-size cards.

Here's Amy Goodman, "The Reverend" Pat Robertson, Hillary Clinton, Hugo Chavez, and dozens of other saints and sinners that are shuffled together in this crazy stack of investigative playing cards.

From the review ...

"The jokes in the deck are worth a little jail time, especially since some of them include ridiculous quotes from Palast's respective targets. Pat Robertson's slam on the Presbyterians -- "I don't have to be kind to the spirit of the Antichrist" -- and Tom Friedman's bias toward military-enforced globalization -- "The hidden hand of the market will never work without the hidden fist of the U.S. Marines."

"Palast has taken some of the not-so-beautiful losers found at length in his bestselling "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" and assembled them for a deck of cards. The usual suspects are here, resplendent in caricature courtesy of Robert Grossman, the mightier-than-the-sword pen for the Nation, the New York Times and others. Grossman-Palast make a formidable tag-team."

"This hilarious stack should do the trick."

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All donations are tax-deductible.