The Billionaires and Ballots Investigation

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Associate Producers will receive an Associate Producer credit on Billionaires & Ballot Bandits - The Movie. We will send you 5 signed DVDs of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits - The Movie and 5 signed copies of the book for the 99%—Billionaires & Ballot Bandits: How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps.

Our previous award-winning elections investigations have appeared at the top of news on BBC-TV, PBS (including a special broadcast of 'Now'), Rolling Stone, Washington Post, LA Times, ABC-TV, New York Times, CNN—and yes, even Fox TV. Our Voter Protection guides have been issued by the tens of thousands nationwide.

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We will also direct shipments of DVD copies of the film to policymakers or public organizations of your choosing. (Our guides and film were requested and used by Voto Latino, Rock the Vote, Operation PUSH, and New Mexico Pueblo councils, and the Congressional Black Caucus.)

Our discovery and information about the fake Florida felon purge and the RNC caging lists created by Karl Rove's group has been used and cited by the House Judiciary Committee and the US Civll Rights Commission.

And this year, we have a new dimension: We have deep file cabinets filled with confidential information on the billionaires behind the ballot-bending. (It was Palast who broadcast the first investigative report of the Koch Brothers in 1996. And they're not the worst. We MUST get this information out and soon.)

Our investigations, says the Chicago Tribune, "threaten to alter history." More modestly, we are proud to have kicked off the debate on a subjects previously taboo: does America block legal voters from voting—and are all ballots counted?

Your donation goes specifically and only to the investigation of wrongful suppression of voters' rights and public education on these urgent matters. We are strictly, scrupulously non-partisan.

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